I know a woman. She has never lacked courage. She has huge visions and the grandest dreams.

She inspires me to be more. To never settle for anything. She always fights for what she believes in ~ but her weapons are not made of metal. She wields the kindest words, a compassionate touch and when action is needed, she gives her time, her skill, her whole self.

And she is one who asks for help. Giving strength and power to the other by allowing them to join in her quest. A quest of beauty, of love, and of togetherness. Because she understands something many of us have forgotten ~ that we are all connected, that children need family and while that family may begin with a mother and a father, a sister and brother, it also extends into a greater community.

I have no doubt that this woman will be famous one day. Not because she loves to dance, sing, and perform. Not because she dreams big, nor because she promises to be rich one day. But because the courage she finds within herself to make those dreams a reality, come from a place within her soul that no one can harm. A place that screams for a better existence for this world and all of the children who are a part of it.


Janice is now working on a community project to build a mosaic encompassing the spirit within the small town where she grew and her children are now growing. She works tirelessly and with every child, and adult, who walks into this studio.


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