I’m pretty sure everyone has a ‘fight’ to fight. Mine is mainly in bettering our education system and making sure the young people of America have every opportunity to, not only succeed, but find enjoyment in their lives. Still, I find it hard to not make a stand about other things when its possible to do so. I do know that me not watching the Olympics isn’t going to have a huge impact, but that’s also like saying that my one vote isn’t worth much. Its the collection of the masses that will change the world.

I also understand that if I were an athlete with tremendous talent and skill, it would be a hard decision to stay home on moral grounds. For some, this might be their only chance and if this has been their dream, how can you stop that? So I do not hold any judgment toward them.

Still, I have Tibet in my heart. No, I have never touched the land, nor met the people. Maybe I would make a stronger stand if I had. But these are the people that the world should be watching. Their unbelievable strength, their courage. How would I behave if placed in the same situation? I would find it hard to stick to my convictions. I would not be able to find that peaceful solution that they have been negotiating for. No, I would go after what I wanted at all costs.

Human lives, they are the enemy…human morality, I have been wronged by such! That would be my motto. I do not have the strength to see my enemy as human, my oppressors as having any sense of morality. Still, these peoples of Tibet, they trudge along. They have shown the world that it is possible to truly love thy neighbor, to live the lives as they were given, but to never give up who they are. I strive everyday to be more like that. They are my heroes.

So I will continue my ‘fight’ for mankind. First, I will fight for the children, and then by showing my support to others who are making a great fight. My hope is that others will make a stand, any stand. Even if it is as minute as mine. And I will cheer for Tibet. I will cheer for the protestors who wave their banners screaming “Free Tibet!” I will speak to anyone who is near me about my reasons why, and if nothing else happens, a few more people will know the plight of the Tibetan people and might decide in the future to show their support also.


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