Softly swaying in the distance, the sounds of drumming fill the air. Pounding deep within my soul, the rhythm tells me to let go.

Close my eyes.

Another world has come into being. One without wars, only peaceful serenades. Movement guides me through this music. I am lost within this paradise.

Only to be pierced by that high reality of kings upon their horses, claiming the world as their own.

‘That blade of grass shall adorn my robes as I sit upon my throne. No, you may not stand in my presence. You bow and kiss my feet because my skill outwits your meager thoughts of kindness and serenity.

‘You will obey, or I shall strike you down.’

Rather death than lose these drums, so I accept what fate has brought me and I go with a bruised soul to await my punishment.

Better to go nobly or with a fight? I wonder with no time to decide before the blade pierces through the skin and flesh of my back.

Too cowardly to face their victim and I too proud to scream out my injustice for all the world to hear.

Still pulsing with breath as your king walks around to greet me.

‘So you smile,’ he scowls at me. If he only knew the thoughts within my head, his life might have been saved. But his blade took all my breath so no voice could travel with warning.

I smile.

I smile as I watch my people in the distance just before I hear that familiar drumming.

No peaceful thoughts for me now. I sleep eternity in war. Rolling in like thunder. If only I had known it would give me so much pleasure, I might have not have wished a world without such at the first sounding of that drum.


4 thoughts on “Making of a War God

  1. What was the inspiration for this piece? It’s interestingly mythical. I appreciated your comment, I’m new here, so you were my first comment ever.

    Do you write a lot of poetry?

  2. Writing poetry is a passion of mine. I write from a feeling and just 2 or 3 words. If I have that, the writing takes off on its own. I don’t know how the words actually flow through the pen, but they seem to have a force of their own.

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