The world stands still, while people swarm around me. I’m looking through it all with thoughts swirling in my brain not knowing which one I should grab up and hold onto.

I would be lonely if I had the time, but I have too much to do. I would feel guilty if I took a moment to see what I’m missing. I would feel sad if I stopped to see how the actions of the world affect me at every moment, stealing away my loved ones, taking away my play, leaving thoughtless motion where once was a vibrant woman dancing in glee.

I move along, doing all I can to fulfill each ones dreams, mine included in this mess of life, hoping that each decision wrought is the best it can be under circumstances that seem to change on a constant basis.

When will all this end? I hope I do not notice when it does. I hope that silence steals me away in the midst of my busy times that will never end unless the choice is no longer mine. I choose to love with my fullest possibilities, to give my whole self, to take it back selfishly when I can no longer take what has been given me. To sleep when I am tired, but no other way. To hold onto every moment for as long as it takes to get to the next – only to savor the remnants in my dreams.

Is this the right way? I have no time to contemplate, but I promise you this ~ I will tell you when I do.


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