My heart reaches out for a shred of control, but where substance once existed, only air swirls.

Voices pulling me this way and that, with a tired body bouncing in the midst of these extremes. I want to reach him ~ to grab him up, but my control would be no service if in the end his head could do no more than fall back upon a rock.

A better gift ~ a secret place to hide. Bound deep within my mind. Music. Dancing through my soul to reach the tips of my fingers and escape to my ears only.

I give this gift to him.

My love,

Dance within your thoughts. Let the world grab for you, you cannot stop them, but I guarantee that they will never reach the depth of your soul. That place where happiness survives, even while they push and pull you. The place that they will never get to no matter how loud they yell. How strong they push. Nor how much they threaten. Because when it comes down to it, they won’t be able to find you there.


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