I might be a religious person, but I’ve yet to settle on any one religion. Still, I know a special occasion when I see one and today just happens to be one.

It happens twice a year. A time when the earth is tilted just so and travels in just the right path so the sunlight follows the path of the celestial equator. Most people know this as the day of equal day and night (although its not exactly equal).

Religious folk have plenty of stories that go along with today. I would love to believe in those stories, but my scientific mind says “no way.” I still give validation to those who look to the gods/goddesses today and reflect about the roles they play in their lives. If only I had such faith…

I do, however, think today is a very special day. I have a day planned full of little celebrations. My children and I enjoyed lattes as we watched the sunrise. They each are writing a book about today and have already finished the first two pages. We talked about how the earth travels and how the sun will appear to be traveling overhead. We even got out the globe and walked out a year through the seasons. It has been fun so far and its only 10AM.

The rest of the day will include leaf, acorn and various fall gatherings, we will lay out at 11:44 to feel the sun pass over at midday, we are going to use our collections to fill pillows that we will be making, we will sew on a chosen button/gem to our pillows, we will make something out of corn and apples, and most of all we will talk about our ancestors and what this time meant to them.

Ancestors – they learned that word just today. I think it is important to look to them for support. They lived and prospered long before us and it would do us good to think about how it might not be so awful if our cell phone service happens to be at 1 bar at the moment. Little things that annoy us aren’t so bad in the grandness of life.

So we celebrate! We give thanks to the sun and what it has brought us all this summer. And we give thanks to our anscestors and the lessons they have taught us, hoping that we can give the same to the generations before us.

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone!


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