I went outside today.

I closed my eyes. It smelled crisp and cold and my body shivered in return for that sweet breath.

I ran. As fast as I could. And then I stopped and I laughed at the absurdity of it all. Why we all get up every morning and take a shower, brush our hair, fix our hair, eat our breakfast, brush our teeth…it makes no sense to me.

Why do we rush to work to pay for the things we have no time to enjoy? I am bound by my obligations, but I refuse to live the American Dream for one second longer. I have seen it on the surface and I have seen it on the inside and I have found it to be a false hope of a life lived better.

I have gone through the tired motions of an everyday world and I have dreamt of running from it. Now I have refused to run. I will be the one who stands up for this boring life and proclaim a life full of vibrancy and love. How I wish for everyone to feel the freedom it brings to say ‘no more!’

Today I run, I laugh, I cry, I dance. Tomorrow I will do those things. It is too bad that tomorrow will never come. Ha. I win this game.


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