Scraps of shattered dreams lazily floated by her. They don’t know she has been searching so long to see them again.

They shiver and twinkle as they fall before her. But she doesn’t even notice. She is too busy now. Examining her dirty, grass stained hands and knees, feeling ashamed at the sight of herself.

Her tired eyes have given up. Hope was lost in the weeds that had grown in over time. They covered her soul and no matter how hard she tries, it is impossible to reach that depth any more.

She turned her back on those decaying bits and took one step toward the door. But she paused for a moment, feeling as if she had forgotton something. Then, she was brought back from her pleasant thoughts with a small whack to her forehead. Is that rain? she thought as she looked to the heavens.

She dreamt for a moment of the days when she would play in the rain. She would jump in the puddles and run, arms wide, through the cold wet blankets that fell from the sky. One day she fell, and she heard someone yell from a window down the street – You better get yourself inside child, before you catch your death!

Those were the words that rang in her ears. They sounded like a drum, marching her to her tomb. She listened that day. She ran from that booming voice all the way to her warm safe home. She has ran ever since. Hoping that death would never catch up.

But death doesn’t know her dreams were just scattered here. Death doesn’t see how she aches to live. How could death see when she can’t even see it for herself?

So, she dropped to her knees one last time, she fell back upon the ground. Her breath had been taken, she wanted not another to pour into her mouth. She prayed to stop the sweet air from getting past her lips. Her eyes longed to search for that golden light that would rescue her, but the icy bits hitting her face were too much to bear.

She turned her head to the side to escape the tortuous demons who took away her sight. A rush of wind flew into her, knocking her over in the mud. Was that…Was that a song she heard just now? Yes, it danced in her, it danced through her.

She laughed and screamed. Her drenched hair flipped across her face as she twirled through the wet grass. A door slammed in the distance, but she didn’t hear it. Her heart was done listening to such things.

When she stopped, she noticed the strange looks that stared out the windows. Ha, she thought, no one dares tell me where death waits. It doesn’t matter, she knows death is right behind her. She smiles a sly smile and slowly walks away.


2 thoughts on “Failed

  1. This woman must really be a true woman.The world is craving for women who are truelly women.Those who posses the compassion of womanhood.This woman is truelly great.

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