There is a moment, when the world stops,

When life ceases to exist, yet flows endlessly in a strange direction.

A moment when you decide that this place is not worth standing on without the one standing in front of you.

The whirlwind of life still goes around, but it passes by without your knowing.

You stand in the calm joy of random reflections caused by the wandering mind that has let go of reality.

A warm look, a soft touch to remind you that you are not alone sends a spark ricocheting around your body.

Perfection, not necessary within this world of uncertainty. Only complete adoration will be deemed a worthy quality.

Never look away. Don’t see any other. The fragile grasp of my self might give up and be lost forever.

A promise,

to keep you until the next time. Take my breath with you – I don’t think I have a choice – . Keep it safe until you return the next moment we can steal from this world. I shall not exist until then.


5 thoughts on “Young love*

  1. This is beautiful — “A promise to keep you until next time” — it is a beautiful thought for love, for family, for freinds —

    thanks you for sharing your thoughts


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