rocks-and-sandThe mind never stops. Twisting and turning from this way to that, never resting in one place, never content.

I sit and contemplate why my mind will not rest but that only makes my mind go more.

I cannot meditate any longer. I sit and think of nothing, but nothing always turns into too much to handle. I make plans to sit and think of nothing, but the plans never follow through. My nothing belongs somewhere else because nothing never comes.

So my mind and I have a new relationship. I medicate it when it needs it. I silence it with distractions. I fill it full of dreams and it returns the favor by never stopping to remind me that the mind is full of nothingness that can never be nothing.


4 thoughts on “~Mind~

  1. I love that nothing is to much to handle — that is so very true — especially if you love thinking – which is really one of my most favorite things to do. I am thankful for having my brain – I try to make it my best friend. Your writing has reminded me of its importance.

    Thank You

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