clock1Sweet air. It moves slowly today.

You held on for so long. Were you waiting for me? Did you know that I was hiding? I can’t hope to give you what you need. I don’t even know how. But I’ll give you this one thing. I’ll live.

I’ll live like there’s no tomorrow, like there’s no regret. But it’s so hard to live like there’s no you.

 That last breath.

Could you feel it in my heart, see it in my eyes. I had too much fear to speak it. You don’t even understand how I prayed for you to live. Then how I prayed for you to die.

The air gets thicker. The breath moves harder.

I spend the rest of my waiting. Envious. So easy to die, so hard to let go.


2 thoughts on “Simple as life and death.

  1. Letting go is what living free is all about- if we live with no time or space then we just live — fear is what prevents us from letting go of something that does not belong to us anyway — Very well written —

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