flag-by-the-fortA war is being waged every day. One within our souls. We spend our time deciding who we are, what we believe, and how we will be in this world. Then we step out the doors, step past our time, and we realize that the world doesn’t work that way.

There is a war being waged. It is every moment. Somewhere on this Earth, someone is right and someone is wrong. Do you decide which it is?

The war begins inside, it starts with a thought. The thought expands to the edges of the body. It tells us how to behave. It tells us who to fight and who not to fight.



Who’s war is this anyway?

Who decided which side I would be on? Must I choose?

I decide everyday that I will not fight. Still, I walk out the door and a side grabs a hold of me. The war begins on the outside and sends shockwaves to my soul.

A war is being waged. My heart knows what to do, but my thoughts get tripped up in the outside world.

I fight.

I fight with you and against you. I can’t even decide which one is right because in my heart I know neither is true. I want to be…

I want to be a rebel in this world of war and choose not fight at all.


7 thoughts on “Rebellion

  1. our largest war is the internal one — once we stopping fighting that one — we have no need to fight or choose sides —

  2. Samyshades, Choosing not to fight another’s fight is a huge form of rebellion these days…rebellion that I wish agreed with everyone.

    Soulintention, Internal fights are what begin and end all our troubles. If we can silence them and live from the heart, who knows what would become of mankind.

  3. Thank you Dean. I work really hard not to get into other people’s fights, but then I walk out the door and get caught in a whirlwind of he said she said…I need to refocus – constantly. This is my little sanctuary here.

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