mackinac-bridge-in-the-backgroundLonely hearts beat empty with no thoughts to pull them together. Getting lost in a torrential storm of when and where and even how long.

I have found no source within this place that causes a brain to make such assumptions. Only two minds together come up with such hoaxes and remedies for this world. For if left to be, alone in the void, the heart and head will work seamlessly together to find comfort within the soul. Or not, depending on which side of the coin you flip. They will tell you which side you look at.

Still, sometimes it makes more sense to see it from not the top nor the bottom. See it alone with no identity to claim, no standard to withhold. No set of rules to follow. No leading ram to pull you through the abyss only to let you fall into the pit in the end.

Loving with a heartless heart a mindless mind and sometimes even a soulless soul. Because if you have nothing of yourself to lose, you stand only to…begin again.


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