When this time of year comes,  I feel refreshed with each new cool breeze. Not frigid like the ones of the past, nor smoldering like the ones of the future. Yet, I’ve found no way to bottle up the time to keep events from unfolding.

Like times past, the wind knows no boundaries. It doesn’t stop to say hello. It only flows by, leaving small reminders of love and loss and brilliance to come. How deeply sad and uplifting it can all be. It touches my soul and leaves loneliness in its wake only to be filled with small laughter from dancing toes.

It was not so long ago that tragedy struck at a moment unknowing. When a smile became a sigh and kept falling into nothingness. Should it be sad? An overwhelming feeling of void where there was no sense of belonging to in the first place. A wish to become a part of the special place where naivety began. Yet, I chose otherwise. That is where the real sadness lies.

Unable to bring myself to become another. I choose to live one day hoping for the other. And in the end, I love.


2 thoughts on “The cool breeze knows no boundaries

  1. This really is a beautiful piece, I can feel the emotion in each stanza – “How deeply sad and uplifting it can be” – Wow – can anyone not relate to that line – that is life, with no boundries, flowing like this piece of yourself – and in the end you chose Love –

    Very Nice

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