Eyes groggy. Sleepy hands fumble. Where did the dark go?

Heart pounds – Sun is shining – I’m late!

Feet hit the floor. Sting the soles. Run to find the rest of the morning. Quick!

See the time. Give up. No way to make it on time. Walk past the window. Snow to the top – snow to the sky!

Mom smiles in front of her mug. Steamy to her face. Looks out the window.

I understand.

Feet run. Grab my coat, pants, scarf, mittens, hat…Door slams. Snow crunches – Yes!

War begins. Fort grows tall. Grenades line the edges. Waiting for brother…



5 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Sorry 😦 I’ve been having some health issues, I’m a busy girl and things like this have been taking the back seat. I hope to be back to myself after next week. I’m having surgery on Monday and then hopefully my brain will start working again (I’ve had a fever forever!) Thanks for checking in 🙂

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