Lie down… look up… and fall away.

The world passes by so slowly.

Not too long ago…the morning came. It screamed at you from behind a number. The hotness hit your back. You smiled at the irony of it all as you drew the face. The same one you lost the night before.

 Another life…the one at night…it comes without warning. Sneaks up on you in the middle of the day as you enjoy one more dose. And then it’s all over. The world can’t hold you back and you pace. 

You pace.

The jungle screams from inside and still, you are trapped to that wooden box. Caged…

But then freedom is signaled by one tick in the magic of the evening. Transforming the swirl of unwelcomed chaos.

Releasing you.

You are free…you are free.


Not tonight. Not ever. You cannot catch me now. I’m falling off this place as I lie on my cold, mysterious carpet and melt into the smallness that becomes every dot, every…single…one.

I smile…from the depth of my heart and the warmness of my soul as I disappear into lovingness.


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