Today I begin my journey. This feels like deja vu. I tell myself that I cannot live life without the belief in something magical, yet my mind tells me it is not possible. I remember reading about a boy who lost his father. He told himself that his father was a CIA agent and was on a secret mission so they could not communicate, but that they would meet again. His mother put him in therapy because she believed, as does the general society, that tricking ourselves is not healthy. But what if its not a trick! He spent years in therapy learning that his dad was in fact dead and that he should mourn him and deal with the loss. Then he grew up and found it better to believe his own version of events. That his father and he would meet again after his mission was fulfilled. What if that is what life is about?  A mission and then it is fulfilled. Find the magic. Believe it is possible. The energy that surrounds me has to be real. The energy that is me is a part of it and it grows, it vibrates. It exists with all other and it is possible to know.

The water worked. I felt the connection, or vibration that soothed my soul.


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