This is hard for me. I have always been a “see it to believe it” type of person. I find humor in people who talk of supernatural things and even of ideas of conspiracy theories and such. However, I am a closet thinker/believer. These ideas and concepts run through my mind as well. It’s just, my critic comes out and stomps on them. That’s Dorothy. She likes the serious concrete facts. She’s the one taking a part time job outside of my head so I can get some faith back. 

So I am choosing to stay the course and trust in the process. I went to sleep the last 2 nights with my affirmations running through my brain. My affirmations and my thankfulness for things I do not yet possess, or rather, I do but do not recognize yet. I have had some different dreams to which I enjoyed. My happiness is there when I wake rather than convincing myself upon awakening that life is good even at 6:30am. So Dorothy, even if this doesn’t work out how I would like, I have found a way to make my life easier; so shove it.


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