Today I got the pool to myself. Which is rare and good! I swam and swam and talked to my higher self…even though it doesn’t seem like its me. I asked for another level of awareness so to speak. I asked to be able to see spirit or hear spirit or at least get another step closer to understanding such as seeing auras. My thoughts told me that I would be able to see as you see through water. that it would be unclear and hard but it would be possible. At one point as I looked at my body through the water, I could see a color surrounding my body. I like to think it is my aura, but its possible my mind was playing tricks. That’s Dorothy and I have promised to send Dorothy to the back of the bus, so Yes, I saw my aura. I am choosing to believe. If I am to commit to the process, I have to choose to believe.

Either way, I felt peace and happiness at myself today. I thought through many of my goals. Teaching for 10 years. Starting a gym, a spiritual center, all of the ideas that flow through that I am supposed to listen to. I chose to listen today and dream. It felt good and I am left with a pleasant state of mind. It is worth it to practice today.


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