During my meditation today, I really focused on my breath. I told Dorothy to leave me alone, I am confident it will work  and she can’t talk me out of it. I then realized, I have way more than a Dorothy. My monkey mind, that I’ve decided to call Harold. He constantly comes back to remind me off things in case I forget. He reminds me of plans I have to keep, plans I need to write down, plans I haven’t thought of yet, and ones that I should rethink. I have asked him to be on hold during my meditation, but he’s very persistent. Even more so than Dorothy. And then after my meditation, I realized I had a Beatrice. Beatrice was the crazy freak that lived when my kids were born and were very young. She has actually gone and only comes back once in awhile. That fact gives me hope that I could say good bye to all my identities and I wondered what would exist. Am I still there or would I want to be? Can’t I be an evolving creature? That has given me the most joy. I love to grow and learn and that changes me. I am no longer Beatrice. At least not often. I have come up with a goal which then made me laugh because I thought of a joke a friend told me recently. He was surprised I hadn’t heard it. 

A buddhist goes up to a hotdog stand. The vendor asks, “What can I get you?” to which he replies, “Make me one with everything.” Har har. I have a new mantra though. It makes me smile – I am one.


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