I did some research on auras and energy fields. I started with a search on how to read auras and then realized I needed to learn how to see auras and was led slightly astray by energy readings. It is close to the same thing considering a persons aura is an extension of their energy. 

One piece of advice was to relax your eyes which was different than the one that said to focus your eyes. I guess the focusing part was on one thing while you use your peripheral vision to look, which would actually be the part of the eyes that were relaxed. Either way, the relaxed approach places less stress on your eyes and brain, so I am going with that one for awhile.

My meditation today was pretty standard. My brain kept going in an out of wandering. I am getting frustrated with my sitting position because I am able to breath comfortably for a longer period of time which means my legs end up falling asleep. Note to self; figure out how to stop that or see if its one of those things that just takes a lot of time for your body to get used to. I know for people who get that laser removal, the veins reroute or something, so maybe is your body sits for an extended amount of time in a crisscross applesauce kind of way, it does the same thing. Either that, or those long term meditators have no feeling in their legs most of the time. 

My mind kept being pulled to my art again tonight, so I figure it is time to write some more poetry because it is far to late to be painting for me….I actually like bedtime. Love it really. It is the time of day I get to relax. In fact, I try very hard to make my bedtime as early as possible. Tonight, I will pour out a poem though so next post – reader beware.


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