Moist air fills the droplets swirling across the way. Light rising. A new world just along the footsteps of the old messages left in carvings on the distant surfaces. A soft carpet lay before the footed princess to travel her way for the new kingdom. Full of mystery and surprise. She dares tread lightly to make a secret entry. Laughter in the distance and a pause, a startled heart waits for just he right moment. Again, the wise begin to get lost in their confusion. It is this. It is thine.

Kisses brush the bottom of her soles as she eases back along the path. Then a whisper on her shoulder. A tickle on her neck. Hope fills her body as she follows its lead.

The clearing comes, the whole world lay before her. A smile reaching across her face, a sad eye to know the truth and walk away. It was never hers to keep. It is a love affair to swim in. She will take her kingdom and reign bold. With a strong heart and patient mind.


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