The coolest thing happened last night in my dream. I have been trying for a little while to control them. I have been able to, since I was a kid, wake myself up if a dream gets scary. I tell myself to wake up and I shake my head until my body truly wakes. I can even remember from time to time, recognizing a dream, but it had been such a long time, I had forgotten I could do it. Until last night. In my dream I was driving and the road started to change. I did not recognize where I was going and was lost. My sister was in the passenger seat and she was counting on me to get where we needed to be. The road turned rocky and gravelly and before I knew it we were climbing a steep hill. That’s when I looked around at the green rocky land below and went “oh, this is a dream.” I turned the vehicle around and headed back no longer caring. It felt freeing. However, I could not control what was happening. Still, I was involved and thought I would play it out as long as it did not get too scary. We then found ourselves in a barn and we were being hunted. I don’t really know what we did wrong, but it had turned to a very long time passed. Near ancient times with lamps for light and heavy dress. I ran from the people and got away, but my sister was captured. She was held in a barn with the horses and I tried to get her out. It amazed me that she wouldn’t attempt escape. I realized she had been injured, but in my mind it was like – so what. Just wake up if it gets too real. Then a realization came upon me – she didn’t know she was dreaming. She was suffering.

Wow. I know that both myself and my sister was my brain. But that had a great impact on my thinking and I have been pondering it all day.


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