I know I shouldn’t say my day was unsuccessful in the spiritual realm, but it feels that way. I did meditate. My mind went wild and could not settle the whole time. The same thing happened when I swam. After awhile, I thought I could try using water again but did not want to be wasteful so I decided to water the plants while I let the water flow over my hands. It was a good plan expect for reality didn’t work that way. I ended up pulling weeds and that wouldn’t be so  bad but my mind was still flooded with thoughts and my dog would not leave the cat alone! So I ended up babysitting the dog until I finally gave in and made him go inside…along with myself. 

I guess I can’t expect everyday to be sunshine and butterflies and I should see this as a test in patience. I did take several moments today in reminding myself that I was in fact, human and flawed. Life is life, and not perfection. 


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