I had a pretty amazing day….I woke up at probably 4am. Not on purpose. This happens from time to time when followed by my husband’s alarm going off. Normally I would toss and turn a bit and try to get comfortable before turning on the TV to zone out or reading a book to do the same without all the visual stimulation…besides the lamp.

Today, I happened to have my blinds open, which I like, but “magically” get pulled into the down position on a regular basis…it looked so light out. I decided to investigate and what? A full moon. Not really a huge shocker to me. I tend to be affected by the moon when it comes to my sleep cycles. I still hung out in my bedroom for a bit before I realized, duh, it’s summer and probably warm outside. Which means mosquitos so ugh. 

While making a latte (yes), I talked myself into enjoying the view from outside. It was b e a u tiful. The air was just cool enough to make a hazy fog on the ground and keep the bugs from attacking. I sat for a long time just enjoying the view and my coffee.

The sun started to come up and some point. Not over the horizon but to that point where more light begins to fill the sky, so I decided to do some gardening. Ha! I should take a picture. My garden is made up of crabgrass that is so thick, it might grow legs. I literally have to take a shovel to it. And dried up old clover. Plus I think some real grass, all mixed into some iris, a really tall plant my mom gave me – I can’t remember the name – some lamb’s ear (I think it’s called) and of course some tomatoes and a squash plant (I think but can’t be sure). I am not a gardener. But I truly enjoyed it! I had left the door open in case the kids woke up and couldn’t find me – I figured I would at least hear it when they freaked out and could announce my actual non-abandonment at least early enough to save them from permanent scarring.

(I really only hit enter so there aren’t too many words all bunched together…not to really group my ideas together, because, obviously, my ideas don’t group anyhow – they kind of meander off in random ADD style.)

So, my dog who is crazy for the new kitten, went spastic a couple of times, to which I needed to close the door and then re-open at a time when I thought he wasn’t paying attention. And the crazy thing is, it didn’t make me mad. Maybe mildly annoyed, but not too bad. Little midnight (the cute little kitten) was adorable in the way she attacked random clumps of dirt packed weeds (they were so thick the weeds didn’t break out of the dirt) and the dead, crispy, broken weeds. 

After awhile I went back inside and started to do some research I need to have ready for a job interview coming up. I did start to get tired around 8:30, so I lied back down on the couch. I slept til 9. I’m telling you, for someone who turns evil when sleep deprived, the fact that I am happy right now at 10:00 at night – is a miracle. (I am aware my computer thinks its tomorrow sometime and not the actual day and time it is…don’t know if you  noticed that or not). In fact, I am not even that tired. Since I started seriously meditating, my alertness in overall daily life has increased dra-matically.

Which brings me to the next cool part. Today, I watched a video on ESPN about a guy, Kyle Maynard, born with no arms and legs who climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro. It was called NO EXCUSES. The message, of the many, came from when he spoke about what the mountain taught him. He said he had looked up and saw how far they still needed to go when he should have been looking back to see how far they’d gone. 

………………long pause for reflection………………..

That was brilliant. And exactly what I needed to hear. So when I thought about that, I realized that I really am dropping the anger and that in itself is making me a much more peaceful person.

To be continued…


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