I almost didn’t make it tonight. I had to force myself to sit. I reminded myself that I promised to do it and then I remembered what a friend had said – meditation is successful if you just sit for the amount of time you said you would. I picked 20 minutes tonight because I really didn’t want to do it. But I did…even if the whole time I heard my mind begging me to go live life. 

It was actually quite an odd feeling. My mind wanted to do all kinds of stuff, but my body felt content with just sitting and that mind that watches, could have sat even longer, it was that other mind – the one that hears the TV in the other room and notices the one paused in this room. The one who can’t stop rambling about the things I need to do and not do. Ugh….

BUT if that’s my complaints in life, I’ll take it because I have had much more to complain about before and I know there are many people with way bigger issues. And that leads me to remember a concept I read from the Dalai Lama. He said everyone has struggles and suffering. It is true! Even the richest people in the world do. And it reminded me of a story that I tried to explain but ended up butchering. It involves a man who is fishing and wanting to be rich…so he can spend his day fishing. It’s a much better story in full version now I have just ruined the ending….oops. 


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