I had a nice long run today. I titled it run away because right at about the time I started to zone in and was able to utilize my run for its brain clarifying abilities, a song came on that had run away in it. At least it made me smile. That was almost the end of my music though because once I find that zone, I pull the plug and listen to the world.
Actually, its more like listening to silence for once and feeling the world. It’s such a great feeling but my body is usually ready to be done at that point, at least my lungs, the rest finds the rhythm.
I still meditated afterwards and it was great. I constantly tell myself to bring my thoughts and my spirit together, have faith, and believe! Yet I also find that I cannot push aside reality…not sure if that’s the best word but I’ll use it for now…I dismissed the humming sound, it was the fan. The random TV back sounds from the other room because for some reason the TV needs to be loud in my house.
But I cannot account logically for the shadows I see from time to time. Nor for the “hey” I heard when I got out of the car at my sister only to realize, after I answered and began talking, that everyone was inside. That is what I will believe.
Then the coolest thing happened. I remembered my mantra. It was given to me at a special time in my life. A time when I had to trust and believe in someone else and the process. That was the best part because I was totally committed to believing. And it came to me. It was a time in my life when I was tuned in. A fabulous memory that I truly need at this time in my life.


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