I did it right today. In the middle of my morning when I was watching TV, I decided to meditate and save my work for later. That way I wouldn’t run into the problem of being so tired to meditate that it hurt. Buuutttt, when I sat down, my mind was crazy. All it could do was think about was all of the things I needed to do and get done. I hate it when I think of something I haven’t written down yet! – Here is a picture of my mind:

1. I need to make a dentist appointment – it’s after 5 – I will do it tomorrow – tomorrow – I need to make a dentist appointment – Crap! It’s after 5, I really should write that down.

2. I need to do laundry – I start doing laundry – I carry handtowels to kitchen – I forgot to start dishes – I forget about laundry and start taking care of clean dishes – I see a blanket on the floor – I fold the blanket – I see dirty laundry and then the process repeats.

Moral of the story – if I don’t do it RIGHT NOW, it may never get done, or it might only be half done by the end of the day. So I can set an alarm on my phone, but I better do it right now or I will forget.

You can see how meditation can be a challenge. My mind goes wild with all the things I need to do and tries to convince me to either A. get up and begin my random toddler like behavior of half finishing everything, or B. get up to write it on a list and set an alarm.

Soooo, I force myself to sit. And I listen to the crazy in my brain. And then I get up and immediately forget all of the things my brain was telling me to get done. Ha ha!

But I do end up feeling more relaxed and focused. I am less tired in the end, so it is still worth it.

Another thing I did today was I made myself leave the computer work to play basketball and swim with my Q (that’s my youngest child). I didn’t want to do it. Fatigue was a huge factor today because the tooth fairy kept me up all night! – Another story that really isn’t that exciting even though it seems like it should be – I could feel the groggy in my head though and a good bit of outside time mixed with exercise is always a good fix.

I felt so glad that I did it. I laughed through the tired with him and got to hang out with my guy who is usually too busy for me. And it always feels good to accomplish 2 things at once for a chick like me. I vow to do it again because I love my Q and I love that we both love basketball and swimming. Here I thought we would never have anything in common. (because I don’t understand most boy activities that are considered fun…like cars, monster trucks, farts, etc.)


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