Right now I am quite pleased with my practice and in great need of it. One thing we talked about at group was finding joy and peace. I feel like I have that with most things in my life. I am able to find that place where I am the observer and my body and mind is a small changing object. On the other hand, I am struggling with the attachment to my children. Someone said that loving and relationships are fine as long as you are still okay when you are not with the people. I have such a hard time being away from my kids. I miss them and feel guilty that I am not there for them.
The thing is, I know they are fine. They are having fun and enjoying their lives and truth be told, they are going to have a more enjoyable life with me working and making the money it takes for us to do things that are fun and have things that make life more awesome. Its really totally me! I am a crazy freak of attachment and control over my kids.
I have discovered the first step – acknowledging it. I am working on the next parts. Accepting my feelings and letting them flow. Now That is difficult.


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