I did my meditation outside today and was rather distracted. It was enjoyable though so I think I will do that more often.
Tonight while I was getting dinner and talking about the school year, it was difficult. We had a lot going on and I have been a little sleep deprived. My brain was struggling to make the English language work and that is my native one!
I did take a couple of times to focus and not let anger build up because that has been a standard reaction when I am tired…I guess my reasoning was that I could get things done quicker and could get into bed, or that it was not right that I wasn’t getting the help I needed and felt I deserved.
Tonight I just did what I had to do. I felt fulfilled with my work, so that probably helped. I wanted to be there for the kids so I didn’t feel resentful for doing “all” the work for them. Actually B has been really helping out. I’m hoping that doesn’t change with his new job.
So I just got things done tonight. I tried to keep my head straight and feel like that will get easier and easier…it is Tuesday and I’m just getting into bed so that opinion might change by Friday!

– Also, I know my computer date and time here on wordpress is not correct. I will probably never fix that soooooo….and now I’m forgetting where I’m going with that all so I think I will call it a night.


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