I’m scolding myself.
I have been so busy with the new job lately, I am slacking at taking care of my spiritual side. I missed meditation Sunday because I had the last hurrah with the girlfriends.
I have needed my mornings to get ready and I’m out the door quick.
Afternoons are filled with meetings and planning, and who knew how much it takes to decorate a room!
Nights are spent cleaning, cooking, and football practices all before the much needed time with the boys – I refuse to slack on that, although I kinda am tonight.
Sleep is on the down….last night I was so tired I asked my youngest to get me my banana shirt. He looked at me funny. I meant pajama shirt. We laughed…or rather giggled because we were all exhausted! It was a nice to have fun though 🙂
Excuses aside, I am posting now and that means its time to be accountable again.
Let me get through the first week though!


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