I really don’t know how people function in the real world like this. I keep telling myself that people do this all the time, every day, but man on man, am I tired.
I have started every day at 6 am and ended it at 9 to 9:30, usually by exhaustion and just plain falling into bed to sleep.
I miss my TV. I miss my meditation, my playing, movies, and everything else that I did before that was just for fun.
Today, my son asked to have a friend over….I replied with, “I want a friend over tooooo.”
Complaints aside, I love my job! The kids are wonderful and the people are too. Its just taking up a lot of my time to get used to the curriculum and doing all I can to make sure those little ones are getting all they can!
As for my practice. pbbbb…what practice? I would fall asleep if I tried.


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