My sister lent me this on the Nook. I love my Nook 🙂 The book has proven to be worth the read. I think I will end up buying it in the end because the concepts are so deep I could reread them over and over. I am only on chapter 3 and I am wrapping my mind around the concept of “Who am I?”
I am not my body – because if that was the case, I would consist of the same cells I was born with, but truth is, those cells have died and have been replaced with new ones.
I am not my thoughts – they change all the time – and as pointed out in the book, they are a litttttle crazy sometimes. Haha! If you do what he asks you to do, you realize those darn thoughts are crazy most of the time.
I am not my emotions – thank god! those change more than my thoughts.
I am the one who sees…..still trying to understand that, but in the past I have come to realize that everything passes. Every thought, every feeling. It passes right through you if you give it enough time and don’t react to it.
The problem with me is in the thinking. My brain wants so desperately to make sense of it all….I am really beginning to see that that is impossible.


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