A full life given to a small child

Expected to experience it all

Grow and fall between two worlds or more if you choose

Can it be right to grow so tall even in a world where differences change the meaning of everything you’ve ever known?

Forgiveness does not begin to explain the feelings of a wrongful regret

Be who you are and love with your whole heart, but begin with you

A precious soul brought to experience a world of love and hope

Forget the useless trash that people will throw at you

It does not concern a story of love and connection that begins when you take that first step away from society’s restraints of a good life

I want no good life, but a life of greatness and love

Hope and belonging

Give me all and then let me burn with my desire

But when the day comes to live in regret, I shall have none

I live with who I am

I am faith and hope.

I am love.


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