Pondering life’s events leave me breathless and unsure,

Full of pain in the pit of my soul.

I give it up, speak fear into the air and the mistakes of my past are forgiven.

Yet, sadness fills my heart. Is my faith renewed, or were the mistakes just a path to the chosen?

Go this way and life will give you hope, love, and consistency, but here, another path…

Full of passion and grit, dreams and failures. A burning desire in the pit of my being.

How can I turn away for a life of mediocrity? A life of safety that slaves us to the way of the world based on the dreams of some other…

I make my choice. I give it to the spirit of the heavens.

Make my life one full of joys and peace; grace and humanity; love and hope; and if heartbreak should fall upon me, make it worth the price.


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