If I wrote without the expectation of another’s judgements, what would I say….

I am afraid. That I have spent all of my life working very hard, yet accomplishing nothing. That I know so much, but remember so little. That I am worried I am not having all the experiences I should be having. That I am not living my life’s purpose.

I pray to God that I am fulfilling everything I am supposed to. I read and meditate and I hope that I am living the right way. But I have yet to find the right way. Is it my open mindedness that keeps me from deciding on one simple thing. What is my right way? What fills my heart with joy?


God, please lead me onto my path. I veer so often. I can feel it when I do. I am impatient. I know. I feel a life of service. I wish I knew your name. I wish I knew what or who I was working for. I only know that when everything is right. It is amazingly right. I know that when I sit with you, I am at peace. It is so easy, yet so hard.


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