Miracles are expressions of love and come from God. They are an exchange from a giver to a receiver. However, they do not take from the giver but rather give to both. Each receives more love. Love is the meaning of it all. They come from more and move to one with less. It is a dance to keep us moving forward. Love is all there is. Give it freely and accept it.

In prayer, love is received.

With miracles, love is expressed.

Miracles are thoughts. At the upper level, they are higher and move to a spiritual level of experience. At the lower level, they are a bodily level of experience.

Time is only a teaching device and serves no other purpose. There is no time. No past, only present, no future. Every thing is right now. Simultaneous and unending. A drop of water yet is still (thinks it is) a drop. It is the water. Time envelopes. The drop is now. Learn from the drop on how to be the ocean.


Miracles reflect the laws of eternity NOT of time. Without a clock, would I know time?

Imagine you wake up. There is nothing. Trees and meadows. Rivers and streams. The sun shines down. You build a campfire. You eat, you sleep, you wash your body. You change…..what day is it?

GRATITUDE not awe. The Holy Spirit sees God’s creations and your illusions – he separates T/F by seeing all not from yours or gods perspective but BOTH.

Christ = Holy Spirit, because man needed to “see” with their eyes something relatable. It corrects what is not working. Miracles can seem good or bad. But they are neither. They connect you to God and Love to Purpose.

Trust in Holy Spirit to provide miracles to guide you to God and God’s Love.


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