is the beginning of the whole human existences hero’s journey. Although God gave Adam and Eve everything they needed to live in full joy, they were persuaded by desire and passion. As a young lady who is provided everything she needs to live a satisfied life, it is desire she needs most desperately. To feel the wind in her hair and the rumble between her thighs, she jumps at the first bad boy who winks in her direction. To be good or bad is irrelevant. It is experiencing the fullness of life.

Now they know what we know…they have knowledge of good and evil. They begin their journey knowing what it’s like to feel pain but also knowing what it is like to feel passionately in love with someone. There are so many forms of love but every young person longs for the fluttering heart, the weakness surging through their bodies suspending all concepts of time. To have it reciprocated can only mean true love, until they realize that the form of love they need so desperately does not involve any of the before mentioned experiences.

Love is patient and kind is a later reading…a lesson for a future mankind.

God has given mankind the gift of freedom. To feel every emotion as intensely as possible and joining with us in the journey. God never leaves. God provides for the return knowing that man will not return until the absolute correct time. Now.

God gives Angels (“Cherubums” & “winged ones”) and lights a path for return. Flaming swords turn every way. They provide light and protection as we navigate our way back to the tree of life and the Love we have been missing while we searched through the piles fronts…

I know now that I am a mother just how much my parents love me. There is no other love. As a child, I could not feel it. I felt isolated and lonely. I remember lying on my bed at night, afraid of the dark, listening to my mother upstairs loading dishes in the dishwasher. Every clank was both comforting and terrifying. I cried into my pillow knowing that she was home and safe, yet I did not have permission to leave my bed after bedtime. She would come downstairs and do laundry right next to my room. The gurgle noises as the clothes agitated and the scraping of the clothes in the dryer were something to focus on, but my heart ached to be held. I wanted to be told everything would be okay one more time. I wanted to smell her perfume and have her stroke my cheek until I went to sleep. But she could not give that to me. Her day did not end until the laundry was done and then what few moments were left were needed because while she was a mother, she was also a woman.

I have been like a child. Longing for God’s love but not seeing it in the clean dishes, the food on the table, or the clean clothes.

I found it in the boy who took my breath away and made me forget how to speak properly. He made my knees buckle and my heart race. That was what I believed would save me. But just as Eve took the fruit of the tree, I mistook this love for the answers I was looking for. I thought this would save me from my misery. I don’t believe it is wrongdoing. It is a step on the journey.

Thank you, God for the Angels. Thank you for the light and the protection. Thank you for the opportunity to feel and live! And thank you for accepting me, for giving me this life, these gifts, these people on my path. I am blessed.


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