On page 4, it says “He who does not rouse himself when it is time to rise, who, though young and strong, is full of sloth, whose will and thoughts are weak, that lazy and idle man will never find the way to enlightenment.”

It takes a tremendous amount of strength to choose your own path. Many people sit in meditation trying to replicate what Buddha accomplished, or they pray for God to heal them, or they sit in a church pew Sunday morning – but all of these things are easy. The work to find true happiness is constant. It is a decision upon each waking moments and when I forget to make that decision first thing in the morning, I have to rener to make it next thing. As long as I keep making the decision to work, to read, to study, to find MY truth and MY purpose while respecting others in theirs; I will be whole, happy, and fulfilled in this life.


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