Sometimes (ok, oftentimes) when my sister gets opportunities thrown at her, I get jealous. First of all, who gets 2, not 1, but 2 jobs handed to them within 3 months time. One of which is a college teaching position.

Rant over because the fact is, she is smart, kind, hardworking and VERY deserving. I wouldn’t want anything else for her but the best. Truth is, I see her and her lovely life and just think, why not me? And then I remember, I like my life. It’s pretty cool. I would like to make more money and not worry about paying for my kids to go to college, but who wouldn’t?

So in these times, I look for God’s guidance. I was drawn to the Course of Miracles this time. One of the lines in IV said “you were given everything when you were created, just as everyone was.” I am reminded that God has a plan and a purpose for us all. Had I been given the same opportunities as her, they wouldn’t have suited me. God did not give me those, because they were never for me. What is for me, will be given as my faith for God grows and I learn to walk in His light.

In V. it says – “you did not create yourself” and “recognize your dependence on God” and I am reminded that I do not need to work harder (one of the byproducts of my jealousy – I should work harder and do more things like she did and then I would get opportunities like she does…) No, I need to be guided by God and His plan for me. I am His creation.

“The mind can elect what it chooses to serve… it cannot serve 2 masters.” When I my mind chooses to wander off into those jealous or inadequate thoughts, I am serving the wrong master. I am living in that tyrannous state where my mind is shouting at me. I am gladdened to have had the time to sit and read so that I may remember that I am worthy of God’s love. He has given me everything, as he has everyone else. There is no limit to what God can do.

As God provides for my sister, and all my brothers and sisters on Earth, I can be grateful. Her gifts, my gifts, everything! is given out of Love.


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