God gave us everything we need to learn what we need in this lifetime.

“Lack implies that you would be better off in a state somehow different than the one you are in.”

I have a tendency to look at what others have and say, “They are so happy! I want what they have!” Jealousy? Yes! I have to remember that God blessed us all. He gave us differences because we all have different things to learn.

“You can never control the effects of fear yourself, because you made fear and you believe in what you made.”

I read a Buddhist book once that said if you fear death, you should lie down and die. What an absurd thing. How do you lie down and die? But then I tried it. I was in a great time of fear and I lied down and died. I thought to myself, I am dead right here. And strange things happened. Nothing. The world still turned, time moved on. It was I that had the problem. The world did not care. I guess I realized that God would take care of anything that needed taken care of. I was not alone. I was a part of everything. I could relax. I could release the fear because it never existed anywhere but my own imagination.


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