Joseph’s Dreams

We all have dreams. In our hearts and in our sleep. I sometimes wish the word of God would speak loud and clear as it does in the Bible but I remember I am readin a story. As I read, I remember the different versions that are out there. If there are so many ways to tell the same story, then it is possible that God did not shout clearly to them either. Maybe God speaks to them as he does to me.

Its a small voice. It easily gets lost in the ego and judgements I hold. I hope I can strengthen it by listening more often and more intently. But I know that when I hear God, he tells me he will help. He tells me he loves me. He promises he will provide for me and comfort me. He says everything will be ok.

My dreams involve sharing my experiences with God. Some might think it is silly. Some might think it is noble. What I have realized is, it doesn’t matter. God has given me my dreams, as he gives you yours. Listen for that voice.

I recently had to take my son to the hospital. I was scared for his life. I was desperately grasping for God to help us. He listened. My son is healthy. I thank God for being with me and my boys. In that moment I truly realized, they do not belong to me. It is not up to me what their future holds. They are their own people and they are children of God. I just had the privilege to being the one assigned to carry them and care for them.

God, I will continue to follow you. I will lead my children to you so that they can also do your work, feel your love and be guided by your voice.

I hope that my children realize their dream. I hope that all of God’s children can realize it is not for them to judge another’s dreams but to support and show kindness.

I will continue to struggle through this and all of my work but I will not give up. And someday I won’t have to search for that voice, it will be loud and clear, unclouded by fear and judgements.


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