I had been getting bored reading the Bible from beginning to end and had lost a little focus. But this story is like a soap opera. I am curious to see how it turns out but for now, Judah left and got a wife, Shua, and had 3 sons. The first was married but did some evil and God took him out. So Judah told his second son to go sleep with her to make it all better for her. So he did, but decided he didn’t want a baby because it would be his dead brother’s baby, so he pulled out. God didn’t like that either so he killed him too.

Then Judah told the wife, Tamar, to go home because the 3rd son, Shelah, wasn’t old enough. But he promised to let he be with him.

Then Shua dies and Shelah comes of age, but Judah doesn’t tell Tamar. Instead he goes to cut some wool or something and then ends up running into Tamar. Tamar had her face covered so Judah thinks she’s a whore. So he pays her with some trinkets, promises to send her a sheep later to get the trinkets back, and sleeps with her. Big surprise, she ends up pregnant.

I cannot fathom the importance of this story in the bible and o lay hope that it eventually has some purpose other than bible gossip. I hope one of the twins born does something really cool.

In the mean time, the only thing I can figure is that people weren’t too perfect back then either. It looks like everyone makes mistakes. It also seems to me that people will come up with reasons why people die and if it so happens that they are a “bad” person, some might say God did it in a way that seems deserving.

Personally, I believe we all have a purpose to live out. Each of us is a player in the growth of the human mind and spirit. There is no good and bad, as good and bad as it feels, there are only events that God choreographs in order to provide what is necessary. So yes, it was God’s choice to take the lives of the 1st and 2nd son, but who are we to say it was because they did evil things? Or at least, who are we to say that those evil things were not meant to be?

For now, my faith in God and spirit grows stronger everyday. I have yet to find a situation, that with enough time, cannot be attributed to a purpose. Even the deaths we consider unnecessary in this lifetime, may have purpose in another one that we have yet to visit. What is time after all? What is life? I have heard it said that the opposite of life is not death and as hard as it is to grasp, it is clear that the opposite of death is birth. So what is the opposite of life?


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