I was having this conversation with my son. He doesn’t have faith in God. He only believes in what he can see. I can relate because I have lived just that. Yet, coming from that and finding faith again, I realize my newfound belief does not stem from my old. When I was a little girl, I believed God was a man in the sky with a long, flowing white robe that looked down upon me and made good things happen if I was good and bad things happen if I was bad. I was a good girl! But then this strange thing happened that didn’t follow along with what I believed. Suddenly bad things started happening and I was like, wait a minute. I’m a good girl, God. That’s not how it goes. I envisioned God as a father figure who rewarded good behavior and punished bad behavior.
My whole theory was flipped, so God must not exist.
Big, long road to self discovery – insert here – led to some realizations.
The Dalai Lama believes that if science can prove something that religion had once believed, then we should reevaluate our beliefs. Aha!
Insert many years of thinking here.
So what if God was not a “being” a single entity at all? What if God was everything? What if God is science? What if those searching for faith and understanding are searching for the same as the scientists searching for understanding?
The religious texts are full of old stories and old guides. There are religious texts today and scientific texts and both speak of miraculous things. Regardless of science having quantum physics or biology to back them, there are still crazy possibilities that exist. For instance, it can be proven mathematically that it is possible for a person to make a quantum jump to another space, like the moon. I remember reading that a doctoral program required their students to show the proof.
Whatever you call “it”, it’s everywhere. We all have faith in something and it all points to the same thing. We can love and appreciate our differences because they do not separate us, they only open our minds so we have a better chance of seeing the truth.


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