“The temple is not a structure at all. Its true holiness lies at the inner altar around which the structure is built.”

There is an inner light in us all. Connecting with it and believing in the truth of God is another thing. I was talking with my children last night about the significance of communion. It took me a long time to wrap my brain around a meaning to it that would benefit me.

We can connect to Jesus and his message. While doing so, we are connecting to everyone around us. We are giving them the strength to stand in ceremony, even if they don’t know why or how and trust me, the first few times I did, I had no clue why I would other than it would be rude of me not to.

But then, I, of course, had to put a lot of thought into it. Because I don’t do anything without meaning. I also do not believe in things blindly. But here is the thing; God lives in me and he/she/it lives in you.

Jesus is remarkable, amazing, because he had the courage to stand with his convictions. He was proud of his faith and his message. He believed so strongly in the power of love and forgiveness that he walked beside the sinner. He prayed with them, he gave them the only way to God that they could find. And they so desperately wanted to believe, yet they were also pre-programmed by their upbringing to believe themselves to be unworthy. They could not imagine themselves capable of having a relationship with God without the assistance of the church, yet they were not welcomed into the church because of their sins.

Jesus brought the altar to them. It came in a package they could see and understand. And once they listened to Jesus, they could stand in faith that his words were true. The crucifixion was the seal. Who would go to their death if what they spoke was not the truth? Most people would have lied to spare themselves death! Yet, he believed in God’s love and forgiveness so much that he died a brutal death.

I can believe in that. I can believe there are people who know the truth and refuse to give in to the pushing and shoving in the world of, for lack of a better word, bullies. Ghandi, Jesus, Mandela, among many others, all suffered for their unwillingness to bend their morality. I can give thanks to them and especially to Jesus as I work to connect to the altar within me. For I would have no knowledge of any such thing had I not been gifted with his stories.


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