“Only the mind is capable of error. The body cannot create, and the belief that it can, …, produces all physical symptoms. Physical illness represents a belief in magic. … Only the mind can create because the spirit has already been created, and the body is a learning device for the mind.”

It took me awhile to wrap my thoughts around this. But it always comes back to fear and our thoughts that separate us. Our body being a learning device and something we cannot create. We are given our bodies with our birth on Earth. Our spirit does not care the vessel beside what lessons it has to give. So we have no control, physically, whether we are healthy or sick. There have been people who eat healthy and exercise their whole lives, yet end up getting cancer, or having a genetic predisposition to things such as diabetes and heart disease. I’m not saying don’t take care of your body, it is our temple. But if we see it as it truly is, it can be freeing.

If we see illness without fear, guilt, or misguided hope, we can see it as its lesson. We are gifted this body to learn from.

I have a good friend who’s nephew began having massive headaches. He was, I think, 4 at the time. His eating habits had changed and he was throwing fits, acting unusually. His parents recognized it wasn’t normal and persisted in finding answers.

He has a brain tumor. A growing brain tumor. He has had chemo and surgery. He even had a short period of relief as the surgery removed enough of the tumor to take the pressure off his brain. Only to regrow and another to surface. It is devastating as a mother but I am sure even more so to his mother. The question we all ask is why?

What if it wasn’t about a brain tumor? What if it’s about uniting a whole community to pray? What if he is the catalyst to many seeking purpose in their own lives? What if he is living his life as happy as he can be? With no fear because he is closer to where we all came from so he knows what is beyond. What if his mother coul make the choice to find the good? She does. Even in the pain, she chooses to rejoice in his life and what he has done for so many.

He was given his body at birth to live in while he experienced this Earth. There is so much more and if we live in the fear of what we do not know to exist beyond what we can see and sense, we will miss the joy of the now.


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