So the people that Moses refers to in his famous, “Let my people go,” are the same people that Jacob led when he went to Egypt and found his son Joseph!

I know this is not a revelation for many people, but I had no clue. No clue! There is no big Aha here besides the big discovery as I transitioned from Genesis to Exodus and went, “so that’s what Israel is!”

Which brought me to my Aha. My parents, as wonderful as they are, had a bad taste for church. My mother saw the church as a big group of hypocrites. The sinners that get forgiven every Sunday to judge those who are not perfect only to go out and sin all over again, while cover it all up. My father came from nothing and was too busy working hard for his money, which he became a slave to (times have changed since, thank God, but not in the going to church department. He still doesn’t do that).

My mother used to say her family had a great way of looking at church. You go to church for the sense of community, not for God because you can find God anywhere. Because her family moved to a new place and her grandmother was a Sunday school teacher, that makes sense. That was old times when you had to walk to church. But she didn’t have to. She could drive. So when she chose to divorce her husband, she felt the judgements if all those perfect, God fearing, members. It did not occur to her to find a new place, a new church that did not judge – because, hey, We Goulding be doing that anyway!

Well, that left a hole for me. While my great grandmother, I never met, was a Sunday school teacher and my grandpa could recite any passage in the Bible, my mother knew every story, I got nothing. Nothing but the basic Noah’s Ark and Adam ate the apple. Nothing with substance.

I thirsted for it! I begged to go to church. I was lonely and struggling and I needed faith. I didn’t get it. There was too much fear. Fear of myself being treated with the same ill treatment. She was protecting me. He just wasn’t there. And so I read the Bible myself. But with an old King James Version it was difficult. I never got anywhere and what I did read mostly freaked me out because it was weird.

(Not until I was preparing for my wedding did the pastor explain that some of those were metaphors and some of them had more modern words that would make more sense, but By that time it was too late. I was 18 and didn’t need God.)

Back to today and what I learned through all of this:

  1. It’s not wrong that I church hopped a bit before finding a good fit for me. It’s about finding YOUR people, not conforming to others.
  2. I need to share these insights with my own children and allow them to learn from their ancestors. The Bible is a historical document after all.
  3. The Bible is pretty cool if you think about the time period it was written and how the “characters” are connected.



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