If you stood near the edge of a cliff and dangled your foot, unsure of whether or not you should go forward or back, you might feel an ounce of the strangeness building in my body.

Each crevice between every molecule holds a decision.

Let the light in, or be consumed by the mere fact of existence.

A dream you cannot run from. And when you pray for release, are almost there, you remember you are not alone.

There are so many hiding in the same shadows. The shadows that walk here wondering whether their grayness is a solid or a suggestion.

And you surrender to this state of unknowingness. This eerie, quiet that lives in the midst of every thought anyone has ever played inside their head.

A stage with a core that moves separate from its visions, hoping to one day align and bring awareness to not only its one living host, but to all humanity in a cosmic shift that explodes across space time uniting…uniting…uniting.


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