The bass pulses through your mind, transforming you

Every flash of light, every bounce of excited laughter bleeding into you, breathing life into you

The soulless existence you had settled for begins to grasp a need unheard of since the time was accepted to be placed in the past

Have you ever felt, have you ever lived?

A gift from God or a curse from the devil. Who would know the difference? If God provides, the devil contorts.

Why does it have to hurt so bad to be so good?

Who said we had to be good anyway?

I’m dying on the inside, searching for a place to hide where the flowers always bloom and the sun always shines and I am the ever gold.

Diamonds shine brightly in the dark when a spotlight points it’s peace,

but the morning comes.

Why does the morning have to come?

Does the devil hide from the day?

Two people fighting for a place. Two of the same, yet different. Masked with reality covering the truth.

I just want to scream!

Run away little child, you don’t want to live here!

And when will that afternoon appear?

The one that brings comfort with its tea.

The one that has yet to see the evenings passion, nor the mornings shame.

The numbness, the zombie, the magical beast that lays dormant in its blissful unawareness that there could be not only so much more pleasure, but also so much more pain.



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