When the darkness comes, surrounding your being, with smoke trails that you can’t break through.

You’re tempted to follow. You’re outstretched hand grasping, heart slowing, breath stopped. A cover that blinds your every move, not knowing that just outside the trail, the stars still shine.

Each step heavy. Each push harder and harder, tripping you into a world you do not want to enter. It smells of fear and breeds with lies. Yet, you can’t help but slip. You’re voice was swallowed by the pain, the joy drained out. Vampires in the night.

All it takes is one spark. One sight of the stars. Are they still out there? Do they answer to me? I cry out.

Answers always come wrapped in a mess. There is no clear sight of the beauty beyond. It’s mud and trash that litters the road to forgiveness. And while you’re standing in the pile of hurt and pain, faith is lost in the fog.

Bring me faith. I want to hear the voice that tells me everything will stand after the darkness is lifted. Promises are made of flesh and whither at the end of each word spoken like a song lost to the wind. Promises live in me and hide in the shadows to torment me. If only my faith would grow enough to turn those promises into faith.



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